​​​AppleStock Orchard

Once upon a time...

Okay, so we only got into the world of apples a few long years ago, but we've come a long way since then! 

Purchasing the property in 2013, we inherited what we were told was an apple orchard but bore little resemblance to one, except the trees being planted in obvious rows.  The orchard needed a lot of TLC! For three years, we pruned all winter, cut the grass all summer and learned everything we could about bringing these beautiful trees back into their glory, seeing improvements in the trees every year but still no apples.

In 2016 all of our hard work paid off and we were blessed with an absolute bumper crop of the most beautiful apples we had ever seen!  We weren't entirely prepared, but opened to the public as a pick-your-own orchard in September 2016.

We opened our second season on September 9, 2017 with a crop that amazingly even outdid our first!  To top it off, Mother Nature marked many of the apples in our orchard that year with a little suntan heart - which made us pretty sure that our crop is extra special! <3

We open September 14, 2019 for our fourth season. Come on out and taste these beautiful apples straight off the trees and enjoy some time at our favourite place on earth! We look forward to seeing you soon!